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Paige King Johnson’s new lyric video for “American Beauty”

Paige King Johnson’s latest lyric video for the upbeat song displays empowered women in movie-reel style clips while the red, white, and blue colors symbolize the liberating sensation of uncertainty. The creative lyrics of not knowing exactly where life will take you but trusting that everything will work out if you stay true to who you are tie in perfectly with the visuals throughout the video.

Lauren Davidson’s new single “Mean to Say”

Of her new single, Lauren says, “You can’t read other people’s minds. If you’re feeling something then you have to say it, otherwise people will never know.” She hopes people take away the power and strength of being okay to walk away from something.

Mae Estes’s new song “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin'”

“There’s a sense of humor to the story in the song, but ultimately it’s based on my ideal marriage, where even when the conversations are hard, the respect for each other is strong enough to have them anyway,” Estes shares with The Boot. “All of my favorite country songs and singers were unapologetic about the material they covered if they believed it needed to be said and I’m definitely trying to do the same as I develop my own career.”

Harper Grae‘s new EP “Confessions of a Good Southern Lady”

“Confessions of a Good Southern Lady is my personal diary kept in my late teens and early twenties, turned into a collection of songs,” shares Grae. “As an artist who writes from my personal experiences, I felt it was the right time to shine a light on this chapter of my journey because in full transparency, this decade was the most transformative, yet heart shattering years of my life.

Karine Hannah’s cover of Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”

Karine Hannah’s cover for Def Leppard’s title track from their 1987 album “Hysteria” is classic and ethereal. The instrumentals give us an out of world experience with a mix of floating sub bass, a higher-pitched repetitive piano riff, and reverberative piano chords. This hypnotic feeling complements the lyrics making it true “magical mysteria.”