Kaitlin Butts’ new video for “How Lucky Am I”

We’ve been obsessing over this song for a minute now, but Kaitlin Butts decided to drop a new music video on her birthday! Kaitlin took to Twitter and said, “I made this myself from iPhone videos from the last 5 years that Cleto and I have been together.” The song is a response to Flatland Cavalry’s release of “Honeywine” and was a secret Valentine’s gift to her new husband & the band’s front runner Cleto Cordero.

Rhonda Vincent’s new single “What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen”

“What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen” draws on the idea that whatever comes your way will be, so instead of letting it bring you down, revel in the optimism of life. The banjo-infused tune speaks volumes with master instrumentation and lyrics that enter the scene like an old friend. “The Grand Ole Opry theme runs through this album. Porter Wagoner is one of the Opry themes. He wrote and recorded this song in 1972. This song brings immediate smiles from the minute the banjo kicks it off.  Plus it’s a happy song, and perfect for this day and time,” she shares.

Bree Jaxson’s new single “Country Heart City Roots”

“Country Heart City Roots” was inspired from Bree’s own experience of having grown up as a city girl whose heart was always drawn to country values, lifestyle, and outlook on life. Of the inspiration behind her new song, Bree says, “This song also elaborates on both sides of my persona, I can be a country girl all day, play in the mud, go fishing, and ride some 4×4’s, but at the end of the day I can also put on a black dress, sip martinis, and dance the night away in the city.”

Gracia’s new single “Hey”

The Voice alum is reintroducing herself as the country-pop star that 2021 needs with her new release “Hey”. Gracia is changing her her trajectory by focusing on building her brand of authenticity and boldness. The new single shows Gracia as a woman who vows to never fall in love. She’s used to blind dates and one night stands, but a new guy completely sweeps her off her feet. 

Christine Kindred’s new single “Heartbreak Heart Attack” 

In her new single, Christine Kindred shares her version of a treacherous break up with an unpredictable lover, leaving fans feeling vulnerable to her lonesomeness and yet desirable hunger for such a dangerous love. The song hits us all with a vulnerable feeling of sorrow and despair as we relate to what it is like to love someone so desperately and still leave them. 

Alyssa Scott’s new single “Wild”

Of her new tune, Alyssa says, “I am a country artist. I was raised on country music, with pop influences as well and it’s been a lot of fun to let my music I write let it be what it wants to be. Producing “Wild” and releasing it to country music is a bit scary for me because I want the country world to accept. It’s a different sound, but I was raised on storyteller country roots which I believe is evident and I believe this message is what country music needs!” Listen to it here!

Allison Cipris‘ new single “She’s A Queen”

Although Allison Cipris has been performing with her band Country Fresh for a few years, this is her first solo project. Of her new single, Allison says, “‘She’s a Queen’ delivers an upbeat melody with a lyrical throw down that is guaranteed to make any woman feel like royalty. The song was inspired by and written about all the amazing women in my life. Many of my friends are young moms, like myself, just trying to balance everything! As women, we just know how to do that; we are the ‘queens’ of our own lives.”

Stephanie Nash’s new video for “Foolin Around”

Stephanie Nash is a fourth-generation dairy farmer from Central California whose songwriting and love of music is inspired by country voices of the ‘90s. While contributing to duties of the family farm, now located in Tennessee, Stephanie also pursues her passion for music and uses its platform to bring visibility to the agricultural community and the crisis’ it faces.