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Miranda Lambert’s new album “Palomino”

“This is the first record I’ve written I feel like that did have sort of an intention — I won’t say “concept.” It’s got definitely this travel theme to it, and this whole road-trippy vibe,” she shared in an interview with Variety. “I’ve had nuggets of that throughout my career, even on “Weight of These Wings” with “Highway Vagabond,” and in “All Kinds of Kinds,” with the characters. I feel like this record just took all that sentiment up a notch. With these characters we got to make up, and the places we got to go, it was a very different writing style. I’ve never met so many people in a record before.”

Lindsay Ell’s new single “Right On Time”

As you get older, it’s hard to not compare where you’re at in life to others. Some people are getting married and having kids, while others have no idea what their next step is. Lindsay Ell’s new single is a refreshing (and much-needed) reminder that you’re RIGHT ON TIME! Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s because what is meant for you will never pass you by.

Kelsea Ballerini’s new single “HEARTFIRST”

Kelsea shares the story behind the new track, “I wrote this song ‘Heartfirst’ with my friends, Karen Fairchild of course, from Little Big Town, and Alysa Vanderheym. And we were all just talking about music that we’re inspired by right now, and wanting to write something upbeat, warm and free-feeling, and just being people who follow our gut and lead with our heart, and this is what we came up with.”

Abbey Cone’s new release “Hate Me”

“This project is me. I felt the feelings, I wrote the songs, I co-produced, I co-directed and co-created every part of this release with my team, incredible cowriters, my family and my best friends. I could never release something that didn’t feel undeniably me,” shared Abbey. “I have a vision for every part of my career. I love how involved I was in creating this project and no matter where it lands in the musical universe, I’ll always be proud of it.”

Jessica Willis Fisher’s new album “Brand New Day”

“I’ve truly lived every word on this album. That’s why these songs are both so much more vulnerable and empowering for me,” says Jessica. “If someone truly resonates with them, we both get to feel seen. Together, we know we are not alone as we begin again, each and every day.”