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Dolly Parton’s new single “World On Fire”

“This is a song I felt very inspired to write. I think it speaks about everything and to everyone this day and time,” Dolly said in a statement on her website. “I hope it is something that will touch you and maybe touch enough people to want to make a change for the better.”

Chapel Hart’s new album “Glory Days”

Chapel Hart–comprised of sisters Danica and Devynn Hart, and first cousin Trea Swindle—gained attention on America’s Got Talent. Their new album Glory Days is out now! “I’ve never been more excited about delivering new music to our fans,” shares Danica about the project. “We’ve been through so much together and sharing the highs and lows of our ‘Glory Days’ through song has indeed been the joy of our lives!”

Ella Langley’s new single “That’s Why We Fight” feat. Koe Wetzel

“’That’s Why We Fight’ is about one of those relationships where fighting is the thing that keeps you together,” Langley said in a statement regarding the new song. “Your significant other is your favorite person to fight with. It adds a little spice and keeps things interesting. I wouldn’t recommend a relationship like this, but we’ve all had one. I’ve been a fan of Koe for a long time, and it was really cool he jammed on it.”

Kylie Frey’s new single “Black & White World”

Carnival Music singer-songwriter Kylie Frey pines for a happily-ever-after that never fully developed in her new track, “Black & White World.” But as she knows all too well, real-life isn’t like the movies, and romance is never simple. “I wrote this song with Neal and Thom in 2019 – a phrase I heard on the news that morning turned into one of the coolest songs I’ve ever been a part of!” Frey explains. “I am head over heels for this melody and I hope it hits you the way it hits me!”

Laine Lonero’s new single and video “Broke”

“If someone has never experienced true heartache, they can’t truly understand real love. They have to have their heart broken before they try to get serious with anyone to really grasp it. It’s a way of gaining perspective I think. Don’t doubt yourself because someone else doesn’t see your value and what you have to offer. You will be special to someone one day and you just need to be patient. Don’t settle for less.”

Sunny Sweeney’s rendition of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” feat. Rissi Palmer, Miko Marks, And Tami Neilson

“Getting to play music for a living is wild, but getting to work with friends on such fun projects makes me fall in love with music all over again,” says ACM-nominated vocalist and songwriter Sunny Sweeney. “Working with Miko, Rissi, and Tami on one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs is simply just a dream,” says Sweeney. “I feel like we have all lived a little and all ‘felt the words.’”