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JoLivi’s new single “Born To Love You”

JoLivi is showing fans her softer side with the release of heartwarming love song, “Born To Love You.” It is a mid-tempo love song that showcases the rising talent’s gritty and alluring vocals. On the meaning behind the song, JoLivi explains, “‘Born To Love You’ is not just a song about romantic love, but also the love of family and the journey you’re on.”

Lauren Davidson’s new single “Thinking About You

Bringing her killer vocals and sassy personality to centerstage, Lauren Davidson speaks her truth on her new single. According to the Lauren, the song was inspired by a real-life breakup. “Thinking About You” embodies all the feelings we feel, when we go through a break-up and are over missing that person. Allowing her powerful boss vibes to come out, the singer confidently decides that she is done wasting her time thinking about an ex.

Becca Bowen’s new single “Gunshots or Fireworks

Following her vulnerable single “Home” comes Becca Bowen’s newest tune “Gunshots or Fireworks.” She sings, “You don’t know where, but there’s a spark. You’re paralyzed there in the dark. Will it light the sky or will it hurt?” The new song is symbolic of a love that is either going to hurt you or make your life bright, and it can be hard to tell what the outcome will be.

Amanda Hagel’s new video for “Be The Light”

The video shot in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada in the historic, Broadway Theater features Amanda giving a passionate and high energy delivery of the title track of her new album, bathed in beautiful blues and purples. It’s is a highly energized and uplifting track poised with a contemporary sound and style that’s unique and refreshing. Its message conveys one of empowerment speaking of the journey to discover and outwardly express your highest expression by following the promptings of the heart.

The Hobbs Sisters’ new single “Starting Fires”

“Starting Fires” is full of rhythmic guitar, ranging vocals and solid harmonies and is as relatable as it gets. It takes you through the experiences we have all been through when someone is moving way too fast emotionally, all while you are just there for the fun. “When we wrote ‘Starting Fires’ we tried to capture the energy of our live show and describe the feelings you have when a relationship gets too serious too fast. This song was so much fun to write and we are excited for everyone to hear it!” says The Hobbs Sisters.

Kelley Jeanne’s new single “This Crazy”

Growing up in a military family, Kelley Jeanne moved around a lot as a child.  The only constant in her life was music, and she used it as her center and began performing at an early age. Her newest single talks about her experiences and how it “took a lot of life to be this crazy.” She sings, “Ain’t nobody should be acting this way, just wait and see that perfect life ain’t guaranteed. It’s gonna drive you crazy.”