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Carly Pearce closes the story of “29: Written In Stone”

“Truth is the one thing I think country music fans want more than any other kind of music’s fan,” Pearce says. “They can tell the difference, and they want that difference. In what was a tough year, they not only showed me that, but they also really stood by me, shared their stories with me – and gave me the inspiration to just keep moving forward.”

Wynonna Judd and Katie Crutchfield’s new single “Other Side”

Wynonna Judd and Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield make surprising and superb duet partners on “Other Side,” a collaborative single that mark’s Wynonna’s first new music since the 2020 covers EP Recollections.

Ingrid Andress’s performance of “Good Person” on The Tonight Show

“I wrote ’Good Person’ when I realized that I was starting to question a lot of things,” Andress explained in a statement. “What makes somebody good and what does that look like, and in a world of being so judgmental of other people, what makes you better than them?”

Carter Faith’s new single “The Devil’s Still Down In Georgia”

“This was a unique writing experience because we went into the session knowing we were going to release the song that we wrote that day. I was nervous until Lauren threw out this title and immediately, we all felt the magic behind the title” shares Faith. “It was so fun to get to write something different and inspired by such a famous and fun song.” 

Alana Springsteen’s new single “Trust Issues”

“‘Trust Issues’ was painful to write. It’s a song I had put off writing but knew needed to get out – for my sake,” Springsteen shares. “The guy who broke my heart told more lies than I can count and turned out to be the exact opposite of who he promised he was… cue ‘Trust Issues.’ This song is an anthem for anyone out there who’s on the other side of heartbreak, still dealing with anger, sadness, bitterness, and the fear that they may never be able to trust again. I loved being able to do this without making it a sad song.”