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Left photo by David O'Donohue. Right photo by Steven Worster.……

Sasha Sloan’s new single “when was it over?” feat. Sam Hunt

The vulnerable, tender-hearted ballad finds the two in a call-and-response format as they explore all the should’ve-would’ve-could’ve moments that lead to the demise of a relationship. Sloan ponders if it was the non-existent fights or the time she missed his party that did them in; Hunt, meanwhile, considers if he could’ve been more sympathetic by checking in after she had a fight with her mother or took off in the morning, leaving Sloan to wake up alone.

Kylie Morgan’s new single “I Only Date Cowboys”

Kylie Morgan’s fiery new track gives listeners a glimpse into her personality. “I Only Date Cowboys” is a song you are going to want to play with the speakers blasting. The song conveys the message that only cowboys are good enough for her. She sings, “Kinda cowboy with a wild west heart. If you ain’t the Marlboro man than it’s no cigar. Take a couple notes from John Wayne, learn a thing or two from Jesse James, cause I only date cowboys.”

Christine Kindred’s new video for “Heartbreak Heart Attack”

On the inspiration behind her stunning new video, Christine says, “I wanted it to show a love that was so deep and alive but the two characters knew that in the end, someone had to let go. I was lucky to film the music video with someone I’m deeply in love with, so those moments are all real and raw.” The emotions definitely come through in the video, and we can’t stop drooling over that dramatic pink gown! The horses running through the pasture give the perfect cowgirl touch as well!

Jessie G’s new single “Timeless”

Singer-songwriter Jessie G is releasing her new single, “Timeless,” a song dedicated to her newlywed husband. In this country rock tune, Jessie uses heavy rock-n’-roll riffs and expressive lyrics to spotlight the never ending love for her spouse. This single includes a message of the strength in a classic relationship and highlights the uniqueness of Jessie’s marriage. With no expiration date and a whole lotta time left, Jessie G embraces the newlywed life.

Dallas Remington’s new single “Princess”

The inspiration behind “Princess” came from the Royal wedding back in 2018 when Bridgette Tatum commented “You ain’t a princess until you marry a prince,” and from there “Princess” was born. Everyone knows a girl who thinks she is a princess, even though she is not. This song is about a girl just like that, a girl who wants to be something she is not instead of embracing the life she already has. “If there is anything I’d want my fans to take away from it is to love who you are, where you come from, and know that no matter what someone loves you for YOU,” stated Dallas.