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Kylie Morgan’s new single “Love Like We’re Drunk”

Kylie shared on social media, “I wrote this feel good, summer song as a hope to bring this divided world back together again. A hope that we can all treat people with the love and happiness so many of us get after a couple cocktails. Whether we’re buzzed or sober, in a bar or on the street. Just a light hearted reminder to love one another.”

Taryn Papa’s new lyric video for “Changed”

Using clips she filmed herself, the video highlights Taryn’s journey with her now-fiancé as they navigate their long distance relationship. She explains, “Living in the moment and following your heart. I’m two different people than I was before. It’s such an amazing feeling to open yourself up to new opportunities and surprise yourself. You can feel change with anything in your life. Just embrace it and love it!”

ElectraQueens’ new single “Walk Away”

The story that unfolds is one of a realization that a relationship is over and the only possible move is to leave. It’s clear from how easily Scott’s verse transfers to Vaughn’s soulful bridge that the group has worked tirelessly to operate as a unit rather than solo artists and to infuse all their unique styles into one divine creation. The Highway Women are founded on girl power, but there’s truly nothing as powerful as “Walk Away” and the impact the single will have on the trajectory of the group. 

Suzie Brown’s new single “Bulletproof”

Suzie shared in an interview, “I was born with my empathy knob turned up to about 12, and it can be painful at times. Deep in the pandemic and political and social turmoil of 2020, I wished I could find a way to feel it all a little less. I wished I could be bulletproof. I wrote most of the song in my office at the hospital on my little travel guitar, in the midst of a particularly hard day.”

Emma White’s new single “I Could Use a Drink”

“I Could Use a Drink” is the perfect song coming into summer! The fresh and bubbly country-pop tune gives us the ultimate beachy vibes we’ve been craving. In a Twitter post, she jokingly said that any drinks are welcome to her song’s debut, but as for her, a “tequila chillin’ with a lime” is all she wants.

Kailey Nicole’s new single “Casamigos”

She sings, “Casamigos – been so good for my ego / It’s the only drink that takes me up / Salt and Lime burning love / Me and my migo – n tequila tuxedos / Lookin like a dozen diamonds in this town / Rolling high til we close it down / But That’s fine – that’s how it goes- with Casamigos.” Pour us a drink, we’re ready to kick back!

Sarah Ryder’s new album “Seasons Of The Fall”

“I will never forget going to see George Strait in Harrisburg [Pennsylvania] from the nosebleed section with my friends,” shares Ryder. “His voice carried across the crowd and I found myself intently listening to the lyrics. I immediately knew my calling. I had to create something that would make people feel the way I felt in that moment. I wanted to be expressive and relatable–something I continue to strive for within my music.”