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Kelsea Ballerini’s new single “I Quit Drinking” feat. LANY

“I’ve been a fan of LANY for a long time!” Kelsea says. “So, it was really amazing to work together on ‘I Quit Drinking.’ We’ve all got Tennessee in common, and we found this sweet spot between rock, pop, and country for the song. It’s a little different for the both of us, and I can’t wait to play it live again!”

Kylie Morgan’s new single “Shoulda”

“I cowrote this song over Zoom back when we thought quarantine would be over in a few months,” Kylie previously said via a press release. “Even in those first few weeks I was going crazy wanting to get back to ‘normal.’ I wanted to go sit at a bar, hug a stranger, or most of all play more shows. So I put all of those feelings into this song by highlighting we want what we can’t have and want to do what we shouldn’t. Once this is all behind us, my dream is to play this song in a stadium full of people with everyone singing the words back to me. I hope this is our anthem for all the things we shoulda done.”

Crystal McGrath’s new single “About A Boy”

She says, “I love how the song clearly states, “why does it ALWAYS have to be about a boy” and a huge part of what I stand for is female empowerment! I feel like this song in a way represents that emotion for me, and it’s really reminding ourselves and listeners that women are equally valid and can play on the same field! Ask any girl – they have had some moment in their life where their world revolved around a boy, there’s humor in it to me, as much as we are independent and confident, we are all still human and honoring the human emotions getting real with a feeling is something super important to me.” Listen to it here!

Caitlyn Smith’s new single “I Can’t” feat. Old Dominion

The video not only chronicles the desperate conditions many beloved live music venues have faced over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but encourages viewers to support the National Independent Venue Association. “While this last year has been hard, it has hit these dreamers the hardest. They were the first ones to close and will be the last ones to re-open,” shares Caitlyn about the state of live music venues amidst pandemic. “This video shows a future I hope we never see. It’s why we’re using this moment to support NIVA.”

Karissa Ella’s new single “Bad Summer”

Karissa Ella’s new track is an easy addition to any summer playlist! Like one of her heroes, Shania Twain, Ella takes her feel-good vibes a level deeper without sacrificing the mood. “With those hot country nights like no other. Ain’t no thing as a bad summer,” Karissa sings. “I love this song because it reminds me of all the unforgettable summer nights that I’ve had and makes me excited for the ones in the future. As long as you have sunshine and good times, you just can’t have a bad summer,” she says.