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Lily Rose’s new single “Remind Me of You”

“Remind Me of You” is a wistful song about coming to terms with the ending of a new relationship that ‘never had a shot.’ Lily Rose finds herself comparing her new love interest to her ex, singing, “I should be so into her by now but all I can think about is how she don’t remind me of you. You’d think that was a good thing, it’s sad but it’s true. Should be cool, but it just ain’t.” 

Dakota Danielle’s new music video for “Backroads”

Of the single, Dakota says, “We just thought of the trouble you can get into on backroads. I grew up in a small town where there’s really nothing to do besides drive around.” The video reflects just that, with her and her friends having a good time driving to different places around town. The video definitely gets us ready for fun summer nights!

Walker County’s new music video for “Bits & Pieces”

In their new music video for “Bits & Pieces,” sister duo Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn Walker are channeling some much-needed party vibes after getting through the tough year. The video follows the sisters and many others waking up in the middle of a trashed house after a wild night of partying, featuring flashbacks and Polaroids of the fun night before. 

Tigirlily’s new single “Dig Yourself”

“Dig Yourself” isn’t the traditional breakup tune. It’s not sad and slow, but deservedly angry. They sing, “But I don’t know if you’ll ever find ya someone who loves you as much as you.” It’s filled with fire, and it’s also empowering to hear the duo sing about distancing themselves from someone who is clearly self-observed, knowing they deserve better.

MaRynn Taylor’s new single “Lies of My Fears”

Throughout the entire song, MaRynn sings about a very important concept to her, self-love and self-worth. She confesses some of the lies she has told herself: “The lies of my fears say I’m too young. Won’t ever be nothing but a small-town girl…Too skinny, too fat, too this or too that…” The lines, “Might learn the hard way, cry a few tears, but I ain’t gonna listen to the lies of my fears,” will give you goosebumps.