Mandi Sagal. Photo courtesy of Threebrand Media.……

Lindsay Adamson’s new acoustic video performance for “You Got Me”

“There’s something so raw and real about an acoustic performance that I absolutely love. It gives us a brand new perspective of the song, right from its roots. I wanted to share this vulnerable and authentic moment with my fans,” Lindsay explains. “There’s something that just feels so good about writing a love song.”

Kirstie Kraus’s new single “Bird”

Kirstie Kraus‘s latest single “Bird” is a groovy pop rock country tune where Kirstie encourages her listeners to not use the middle finger when someone upsets them. With lyrics like “Just for the record, I ain’t cursing, you ain’t worth it, you don’t deserve my bird,” Kirstie shows she is confident in taking the high road and not letting people know they get to her.

Mandi Sagal’s new single and video for “Rainbow”

Mandi wrote this song after getting out of a toxic relationship and finding the love of her life— her “rainbow after the storm.” She sings, “Didn’t know how to fly ’til you gave me your wings and you showed me the sky. Said that bird shouldn’t be caged. I’d walk through fire and the rain again to get my rainbow.” This new track is all about finding your own “rainbow,” and the video features different love of all kinds.

Kari Holmes’s new video for “When I See You Smile”

Of her new video, Kari says, “Since it’s a real-life story, I had this music video in my head and how I wanted it to play out. I am so happy with how it turned out, it’s like Justin was in my head and my heart. When you watch the video, it just screams Kari. It’s got everything I love in it, like my dresses (I LOVE dresses), shoes, flowers, DIY projects like painting the door in the video, ice cream, dancing, laughing, being silly, and being in love.”

The Hobbs Sisters’ new single “Turn It Up”

This carefree, summer song is the perfect preface to their album that will be released July 23. “We wrote ‘Turn It Up’ because we wanted to capture the energy of a live show. As the title track of the album, it not only describes the magic of a live concert but also invites the listener to come and enjoy the ride with us. We are so excited to share this song with everyone!” says the sisters.