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Twinnie’s new EP “Welcome to the Club”

“Welcome to the Club is a call to action to encourage people to expose themselves to the world and take pride in their authentic selves,” says Twinnie. “The club represents a place where everyone is welcome. This EP is a celebration of all of our differences and a narrative on finding the power that comes from freeing yourself from society’s labels.”

Edie Carey’s new video for “The Veil”

The video for the title track from the album “The Veil” features a young Edie played by her daughter Emmy on a ranch outside Colorado Springs in Calhan, CO. She sings, “Oh, the sweetness of your breath // Just like when you were a baby // Full surrender on my chest // I’ve been noticing lately // Every day you need me less // And I know that’s for the best // Yeah, I know that’s for the best // We cannot go back // No matter how we wish it // We cannot go back now.” The message of the passage of time combined with the video’s soft-focus footage makes us feel nostalgic for our younger years.

Kelsey Lamb’s new single “Miss Me Don’t”

“Music has always been a friend that I felt like I could confide in, and that’s exactly what I hope this song is for somebody else,” Lamb told HollywoodLife of the song. “As much as I wish that no one ever had to experience being cheated on – I hope that this song can be a light, sassy way to work through it for someone. This song is the ‘I’ve been cheated on and came out stronger’ anthem.”

Sara Syms’ new single “Where Do I Belong”

The third track on Sara Syms’ latest album The Darkest Light, “Where Do I Belong,” is deeply resonant with all ages, as that is a question we all must grapple with throughout our lives on this planet. This song definitely takes a much more grounded tone compared to the title track, emphasizing how this uncertainty is an inevitability in everyone’s life, but “like the old man and the sea/the phoenix rising from the ashes to be free,” we all will eventually arrive at the place we’re supposed to be, even if it requires something tempestuous like the ocean or a total rebirth. 

Katelyn Clampett’s new lyric video for “Hang Up and Hang Out”

“As an advocate for mental health, I think it’s incredibly important we ‘disconnect to reconnect’ sometimes,” shares Katelyn. “Writing ‘Hang Up and Hang Out’ was a reminder to myself and an encouragement to anyone else who just needs a break every now and then…to know that it’s ok to rest and recalibrate.”