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Kylie Morgan……

Kylie Morgan’s new single “If He Wanted To He Would”

“’If He Wanted To He Would’ is a very, very special song to me for many reasons,” Kylie says. “I feel like everyone is treating dating and loving in general as such a convenience rather than an effort, and I feel like ‘If He Wanted To He Would’ is that reminder for, especially girls, set your standards high and don’t lower them just because it’s convenient for someone else. Know what you’re worth and continue to just love yourself through that and rock that.”

Bree Jaxson’s new single “Two Way Street”

“Two Way Street,” is a smooth and catchy track with a strong central message: “Ride or die is a two way street.” It can be frustrating to put so much effort into a relationship when the other person just isn’t giving the same, and Bree delivers that message beautifully and with confidence. Her ability to paint an intimate picture of a relationship is impressive, too, and it serves to elevate her songs beyond just another breakup song. It can hurt when we realize that someone we thought loved us has been holding us back, and it takes a strong person to walk away from that.

Karine Hannah’s new video for “Hysteria”

The “Hysteria” music video by Karine Hannah gives the audience a unique and entertaining experience with her new song, being the perfect accompaniment to a vocally powerful track with its simple and ‘raw’ images that gives more emphasis to Karine and her voice. With a more simplistic video, Hannah allows not only her vocals to shine but the song’s message.

Bailey James’s new single “The Spell”

The energy kicks up a few lines in, with driving electric guitars and full-power rock riffs coloring lyrics that paint a vivid picture of dark nights and clandestine rituals. This is a warning to all men with bad intentions: don’t cross Bailey. As she puts it, “things could be tragic,” as she spins an earlier line to be about one of these men instead of herself. Likening love to a spell is nothing new, but Bailey manages to do it in a way that’s rebellious and fresh, with a dark coat of paint and evocative imagery.

Dakota Danielle’s new video for “It’s A Beginning”

Dakota Danielle’s new music video features a couple’s first meeting as they both daydream of a flourishing romance. “With every relationship there is a beginning,” Dakota Danielle told Pro Country of the song’s origin. “This song is exactly about that! It’s a fun, light-hearted take on meeting someone for the first time and not knowing where it will end up.”