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Hannah Dasher’s new album “The Half Record”

“People think inspiration is this moving, amazing moment, but being fresh in love or fresh out of it makes the best songs. Great music inspires me. A collection of music is art. It’s blood, sweat, and tears that songwriters, producers, engineers, and artists have poured their energy, time, and hard work into,” Hannah says.

Ashley Cooke’s new single “Already Drank That Beer”

The best country music can always find a fresh way to write about stale beer. “Already Drank That Beer,” a ballad about dead-end romances brought to vivid life by Ashley Cooke. The up-and-coming singer is all sultry regret when she sings about past New Orleans trips and how “crazy good” those days were. But as Cooke admits, she and her ex should both know how this ends. They’ve been there before: “It’s too bad, baby, that we already drank that beer.”

Amanda Cooksey’s new video for “Chicago”

“I’m really excited to have finally released the music video for “Chicago”! I wanted the video to portray all of the emotions of the song, and I think the videographer, Kolby Copeland, definitely helped me capture that. I also can’t wait for everyone to hear the Ronen remix! It gives the song a totally different feel that I think is perfect for the summer time,” says Cooksey.

Hannah Bell’s new single “Collecting Dust”

“The stage of heartbreak that hits me the most is how hard it is to get over someone when everything around me reminds me of them. With “Collecting Dust,” I sat down on my bedroom floor and created the most honest song from this rollercoaster of emotion,” says Hannah Bell.  

Bri Fletcher’s new music video for “Love Me Back”

“Love Me Back” “doesn’t wallow melancholy and self-pity, but rather turns heartbreak into an anthemic outpour of emotion that will have you belting out the lyrics.” Bri Fletcher explains, “‘Love Me Back’ is an internal struggle of not wanting to accept that a relationship is over. Wishing there was no love involved would make the decision to leave someone who loves you much easier.”