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Photo by Rachel Deeb. Courtesy of @callietwiss on Instagram.……

Callie Twisselman’s new EP “Closure” and her new single “Cowboy”

Callie Twisselman’s debut EP will be making its way onto many playlists soon! We are in love with each track on “Closure”, and especially adore the single “Cowboy”! Callie definitely knows what to look for in a cowboy, being she comes from a ranching family in California. We are so excited to hear Callie’s future releases, but in the meantime we’re gonna crank up this EP for months to come!

Riddy Arman’s new single “Half A Heart Keychain”

Riddy Arman’s new single started off as a slow and somber breakup tune, but morphed into a triumphant and transformative anthem for women. Moving forward from some of life’s most painful moments is in many ways the thread that ties each song together. Songwriting became part of Arman’s dialog with life, translating the experiences in not only lyrics, but also performance. “Most people would try to find a therapist, but at the time that wasn’t something that I had access to, so I just started playing music because it was cathartic,” she explains. “It’s very, very meditative for me.” 

Jessie G’s new music video for “Timeless”

Jessie G sticks to her punk rock n’ roll roots with shots of her singing into a microphone in her wedding dress in front of a full band. She is not afraid to be herself and this video captures a more personal aspect of her character in an authentically Jessie G way. “This song is such a great introduction to the new chapter in my music and my life. I’ve always been very rock n’ roll and country. I feel like I’ve authentically captured that with all my new music coming out,” says Jessie. 

Brit Taylor’s new album “Real Me Deluxe”

“I’ve been told that I am an old soul in a young person’s body, and it might be true,” Taylor says. “I didn’t pick the cover songs for my album, they picked me long ago. I wanted people to experience the two very different musical worlds that influence the music I make today.”

JD Reynolds’ new music video for “WHATEVER”

JD Reynolds sets the scene for a carefree, feel-good summer with the release of her music video for “WHATEVER”. The music video features Reynolds and her girl gang headed for a night out, enjoying each other’s company because it’s simply all they need. The classic country storyline turns dynamic and powerful with pop/rock influence, making it the perfect tune to add to every girls-night-out playlist!