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Molly Tuttle’s new performance video for “San Francisco Blues”

“I always knew I wanted to make a bluegrass record someday,” says Tuttle. “Once I started writing, everything flowed so easily: sometimes I’ve felt an internal pressure to come up with a sound no one’s heard before, but this time my intention was just to make an album that reflected the music that’s been passed down through generations in my family. I found a way to do that while writing songs that feel true to who I am, and it really helped me to grow as a songwriter.”

Kelsey Lamb’s new release “Heartbreak Away”

“There’s something so special about releasing this song,” Lamb told Taste of Country. “I am excited to shift gears a little bit and lean into where my life and heart have been this last year. I wrote ‘Heartbreak Away’ with Lydia Dall and Conner Sweet, and I specifically remember this write because Conner showed up late and rolled in with this idea, and I think we wrote the song within the hour and I immediately fell in love with it. Not only am I excited to finally share a song that’s about finding love – even in the midst of heartbreak – but also to be able to tell my own love story within this song.”

Kimberly Dawn’s new single “Deere John”

“When my parents decided to sell our farm that my family grew up on and the place I called home as a child, I felt inspired to write about how I was raised and what it meant to me,” says Kimberly. The easy-listening song is filled with memories of cruising around on a John Deere tractor. “The memories of our farm are what shaped me into the person I am today. We all grew up somewhere and the characteristics are ingrained in me.”

Mikayla Lane’s new single “Ambush”

Growing up in the Western industry has greatly influenced Mikayla’s sound. “I really love giving people who aren’t really in the Western community a taste of what that’s like through my music,” she says. “I really hope people feel like they’re in that setting and time period. It almost comes across to me like an Old West town, a Lonesome Dove setting, and I hope people can feel that through the production and lyrics.”

Brooke Eden’s new EP “Choosing You”

Choosing You, co-written by Eden and produced by longtime collaborator Jesse Frasure, is a five-track account of Eden’s journey to back to herself. One simple question – “what makes you happy?” – spawned writing sessions that acted as therapy for her. In those sessions Eden wrote about healing, learning, love, loss, happiness, and the threads that tie them all together.