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Clare Dunn’s new release “Holding Out For a Cowboy”

“This song is all about having the courage to hold out for the right thing,” Dunn explains. “Like a lot of us, this past year was one of reflection and realization. The things a cowboy represents: loyalty, steadfastness, strength, and so much more, still hold true and I think matter more now than ever. Whether you’re from the city, or the country, I hope you find your cowboy.”

Leah Marie Mason’s new video for “I Wish”

“‘I Wish’ is about that one person that you wish it worked out with, but it just didn’t. You want to wish them the best, but there’s always that “what if?” in the back of your mind,” Leah says. With lyrics like “I wish I was Cinderella, but the shoe just didn’t fit. I wish every wish I ever made on every wishing star came true… I wish I didn’t have to wish the best for you,” she really paints a picture of heartbreak when it doesn’t work out with someone you really wanted.

Wild Fire’s new single “Seventeen”

Sister duo Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig are the dream team that is Wild Fire. Kayla wrote the single the night she turned 17, and says, “It was the intense emotions I felt about turning seventeen and leaving adolescence behind. We really wanted to capture that into a song because I feel like so many teens can relate to it. We are hopeful that it will help many teens realize that it’s ok to doubt yourself, and to worry about the future. It’s a part of life. If we address it and come to terms with it, we can move past those feelings and focus on the future.”

Teea Goans’ new single “The Beat of a Backroad”

Teea Goans recently released the second single, “The Beat Of A Backroad,” in the ramp up to her upcoming album All Over The Map. “This song is a true reflection of what brings me the most joy in the world,” explains Goans. “Moose and I wrote this songs with road trips, summertime, and escaping the every day in mind. You can’t help but want to roll down the windows, turn it up and get away from it all.”

RaeLynn’s new single “Only In A Small Town”

RaeLynn is very excited for everyone to hear her newest release! She shared on Instagram, “I’ve been playing “Only In A Small Town” live for awhile now and this one is special because I could see it resonating with people all around the world. There really are things that would only happen in a small town! Turn it up wherever you get your music!”