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Gracie Carol’s new single “BREAKUP SZN”

“Breakup Szn is for anyone who is going through a breakup or has gone through a breakup that left you feeling like your heart gotten broken into so many pieces. At the time, I had just got broken up with, and a couple of other of my girlfriends were having breakups as well. I was not who I thought I was, I didn’t know how to pick my feet back up. I went into one of my first writes after the breakup feeling so lost and not sure if I could even let my feelings out yet. After I talked about wanting to feel better again, one of my co-writers, Mo Brown, came up with the idea of the song title called “BREAKUP SZN” and from there I knew it had to be a fun boppy song I could jam to with my girlfriends in the car,” explains Gracie.

Gabrielle Metz’s new single “I Forgot to Fall in Love”

In her new single, “I Forgot to Fall in Love”, Gabrielle Metz takes us on a journey through a one-sided relationship and the powerful emotions associated with it. She explores the unenviable position of being in a perfect relationship that’s not so perfect for you. The lyric, “You thought I was the one, well I forgot to fall in love,” hits hard and really portrays the feelings of a one-sided relationship.

Parker Graye’s new video for “Last Time”

Of her new video, Parker Graye says: “The piece features myself and a singular chair, flipping between moments of hopefulness, helplessness, sadness and anger. I wanted to create a piece that was cinematic and simple while also having depth and opportunities for interpretation. Similar to the production of the song, I wanted the concept to be simple allowing the story to truly come through and for listeners to connect with me and the song on a deeper level”.

Marye Amanda’s new single “Ten Years Older”

Marye Amanda’s newest single “Ten Years Older” deals with the personal impacts the pandemic had on her. With such an uncertain year, a lot of people were forced to grow up very quickly. Her lyrics, “What is our new normal? That seems like another life to me. Even if things go back to how they used to be, I’m not the same person you used to know,” will resonate with a lot of people who were greatly impacted by 2020.

Regan Stewart’s new single “The Last One”

The day Regan, Scott Stepakoff, and Brandon Hood wrote “The Last One”, they weren’t even planning on it! Regan says, “Scott brought in an idea that we were playing around with and it just morphed and turned into a different kind of song. It’s very much so the ode to the Friday night that you don’t want to end. The boy you don’t want to stop kissing. The drink you don’t want to stop drinking. You want it to last forever. You don’t want it to be, ‘The Last One.’”

Crystal McGrath’s new video for “About A Boy”

“About A Boy,” asks the question, “Why is it always about a boy?” This line can have so many different meanings to so many different people. Why do female protagonists always have to be chasing after “Mr. Perfect?” Why are most country songs sung by women about the men that they love, have cheated on them, or got away? Why is it assumed that the man will alter a woman’s life in some unexplainable way?