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Lainey Wilson & Ronnie Dunn’s cover of Brooks & Dunn’s “Cowgirls Don’t Cry”

Ronnie Dunn and Lainey Wilson teamed up for a performance of an iconic Brooks & Dunn hit as part of the Apple Music Sessions series. The country music icon and chart-topping hitmaker covered “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” a duet that originally features Reba McEntire. Apple Music Sessions will feature some of the world’s most prolific artists and emerging artists, all in Spatial Audio, and will give artists the opportunity to reimagine and recreate hits from their own catalog, and creative covers of beloved classics.

Karine Hannah’s version of “Good 4 U”

Karine Hannah’s cover of the 2021 Olivia Rodrigo hit “Good 4 U” reimagines the track as a deep ballad; her vocal depth and clarity again take center stage as she sings about this scorned love. Clocking in at a minute longer than the original, she takes things slowly and breathes impact into each line. Elegant pianos and a choir later serve as a strong backing for Hannah’s vocals as she truly reimagines this track in a way nobody but her is capable of.

Stefanie Joyce’s new EP “Marlboro Reds & Motel Rooms”

“I used to like Oklahoma, Marlboro Reds, and Motel Rooms…” sings Stefanie on “Tulsa,” the track that the album derives its name from. ‘Marlboro Reds & Motel Rooms’ is a collection of songs that tell five stories of sin, redemption, and everything in between. The EP showcases Joyce’s vintage, gritty sound, with plenty of stripped back moments to let her lyrics shine through. The subject matter is dark; the characters in her songs are fallen, desperate, consumed with vice. Some find elusive moments of redemption, most do not.

Bailey James’s new single “Don’t Need Ya”

“When I went to write this song with Nolan Neal I had barely turned 16. I walked in wearing a Pink Floyd shirt ranting about high school, how my friends were getting high 24/7, and a breakup I can’t remember now. We had a really special relationship and he listened, but he would also try to make it into a song. We wrote this song about the way people cope with their heartbreak or the vices they use.”

Liddy Clark’s new single “Potential”

“I was inspired by early-2000s rock-pop energy of being frustrated with the world and feeling like everything is crumbling around you… I would talk to a lot of people, and they would be like, “Wow, you have so much potential. You’re going to be really great someday. Just keep practicing, keep getting better.” I’ve been at this long enough that I’ve been like, “Okay, when do I start actually being good? Am I ever going to get past ‘potential’?”

Jordana Bryant’s new single “Had To Be There”

“Summer is always filled with these “had to be there” moments, so I’m so excited that we’re able to release this song before summer’s over and reminisce about their own “had to be there” moments, and I hope it makes them smile to look back on the memories that they could never fully capture in photos or words!”

Katelyn Clampett’s new single “Summer Mashup”

“I wanted to pay homage to some powerhouse female artists that inspire me, and it was important for me to create and produce something by myself where I can solely rely on my instincts. Women in music production often have to fight to be heard and have their ideas taken seriously, so creating something that is the product of my own raw ideas and intuition feels empowering. I hope it can help empower other women in production to trust their voice as well!”