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Kacey Musgraves’ new video for “Justified”

The video opens with Kacey Musgraves driving through the desert, listening to an advertisement on love counseling (“Are you unlucky in love?”) before breaking out into the country-pop track. She navigates winding roads of weather and emotion, getting distracted from notifications on her phone reminding her of the past — and ultimately crashes.

Karissa Ella’s new single “Crackin’ Cold Ones”

Country riser Karissa Ella is not slowing down this summer as she releases her newest single “Crackin’ Cold Ones.” The young artist is hardly hindered by her age as her well-written songs speak for themselves. In the same vein as Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” and Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead,”  “Crackin’ Cold Ones” is the breakup anthem we have all needed at some point before. 

Chelsey James’ new single “Steady”

“This is definitely the most personal song I have ever written,” she says. “Everyone has that person in their life who is their ‘Steady.’ It could be a spouse or significant other, a best friend, a parent, a sibling. That’s one of the things I love about this song. To me, it’s a love song about my husband, but for someone else, it could mean something totally different to them.”

Lexi Jordan’s new single “Highway”

“It can be easy to talk yourself out of your dream when everyone is telling you it’s “too crazy”. Chasing any dream is scary to begin with, let alone when others are telling you you’re ‘not ready’ or ‘the timing isn’t right,’” she says. “I learned that only you know what your soul’s purpose truly is and to never let anyone tell you differently.”

Teea Goans’ new release “Untangled”

“There are situations that we get ourselves in that are difficult to find a way out of,” says Goans. “Addiction, relationships, or the demons that we struggle with. This song was created from a place of trying to escape, and the hope of finding a way out without anyone getting hurt.”

Emily Miller’s new video for “Take The Trash Out”

“Take the Trash Out” is an empowerment song to all the ladies out there to know your worth and just take the trash out of your life! “I had an amazing time watching this video come to life! The team at Stormlight Pictures took a sassy song and turned it into a creative masterpiece,” shares Emily Miller. “I am so proud of this video and hope everyone else loves it!”