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Priscilla Block. Courtesy of Everything Nash.……

Priscilla Block’s new single “Off The Deep End”

“We had such a blast creating ‘Off the Deep End.’ Hope this one gets you feeling a little wild whether it’s at the bar, at the pool, or you found your Boat Daddy for the summer! Life’s short – sometimes you gotta let your crazy side show!  I’ll be right there with y’all, Off the Deep End!” says Block.

Kelsea Ballerini’s new single “THE LITTLE THINGS”

A breezy, uptempo tune with bright acoustic guitar strums, “The Little Things” seems to be geared for those sunny, car windows-down listening experiences. “When you need to pull me closer/When you need to give me my space,” she sings, listing out the reasons she loves a certain someone.

Lauren Davidson’s new single “Somewhere In Between”

“‘Somewhere In Between’ is the title track off my upcoming album and one of my favorites as well. After a crazy few years and coming off my Hindsight is 2020 EP I started living my life again and exploring what comes next. This song is about starting a new relationship and exploring that space when you really don’t know what it is yet. It’s a really fun place to be in and its exciting to learn about yourself in the in between.”

Rachel McIntyre Smith’s new single “Miss Highfalutin”

“I can’t wait for y’all to hear this one. It’s a boot stomping song full of steel guitar, funny quips, banjo, & drums,” Rachel shared on social media. “If you’re not from the south, you may not be familiar with the phrase “highfalutin”. That’s a country way of saying “stuck up”. I think we all have at least one Miss Highfaluin in our life.”

Hillary Reese’s new single “All The Good Ones Are Crazy”

“I wanted a song that represented my roots and upbringing, and this song is exactly it,” she says. “I want people to realize that even if you come from a crazy hillbilly family, you can still appreciate how you were raised and embrace it. Be proud of the people who love you and support you, and just because your family may be different, that does not mean that you have less value.” 

Madison Kozak’s new single “Loud House”

“I swear every time I play ‘Loud House’ a new memory pops into my head from my childhood. I think about how big, loud and exciting holidays were with so many siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and alike,” she shared in an interview with Holler. “Christmas and Thanksgiving were like the Olympics for us! I also remember my first few years of singing on stages at like 10 or 12 years old and having our whole family in the front two or three rows. Those are sweet memories!”