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Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson’s reimagined version of “9 To 5”

Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson have teamed up for a new rendition of Dolly’s hit song “9 to 5”. The song comes more than 40 years after the original and was recorded as part of the forthcoming documentary, “Still Working 9 to 5.” The film explores the cultural impact of the 1980 comedy “9 to 5,” in which Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin starred.

Anne Wilson’s new music video for “Hey Girl”

Anne Wilson’s “Hey Girl” is such an uplifting message for women of all ages. The accompanying music video is just as fun and bright as the melody! She shared on social media, “While on set of the #HeyGirl music video, we asked one question to all of the amazing woman involved: “What does being a ‘Hey Girl’ mean to you?” So many answered that it is staying true to yourself, being confident in who you are, and finding who you are in Jesus.”

Rachel McIntyre Smith’s new single “The Woulds”

Filled with banjo and mandolin, Rachel McIntyre Smith’s latest single “The Woulds”, written by Rachel and produced by Dran Michael, takes you on a journey through her mind that is overflowing with questions. The verses paint forest imagery that lead up to the poignant hook: ‘I know I could maybe I should but I never will so I live in the woulds.'”

Kasey Tyndall’s new single “Nothin’ Wrong With Being Country

This song highlights everything that Kasey Tyndall grew up on. Whether it’s wearing camouflage, fishing rods, or having a hometown no one’s heard of, Kasey perfectly captures the pride of growin’ up redneck in this anthemic track. “Nothin’ Wrong With Being Country” perfectly matches the southern, backroad Country night feeling with an edge of rock that Kasey always brings to her music. 

Becca Bowen’s new single “Who I’m Not”

“This song has strong lyrics with a message and was just the powerhouse song I was looking for,” says Becca Bowen. “I’ve always been a fan of artists like Sugarland and Shania Twain. When I heard the song, it brought me back to the sound of Shania’s high-impact music that made me want to shout, dance, and empower women. I always wanted to record a song that I could perform on stage that would really get the crowd excited!”

Brit Taylor’s new single “Cabin in the Woods”

Brit Taylor’s new not-quite-bluegrass and somewhere-left-of-country-center song “Cabin in the Woods” is an invitation to join Taylor on a drive back to her East Kentucky roots. She shares, “‘Cabin in the Woods’ was written with a light, happy heart and deep gratitude that I had survived some rough times and my house was finally my own. I didn’t have to fear losing it anymore.  I had started dating again and seeing friends. I loved sitting on my porch and seeing cars come down the driveway, just having people over to my place to sit around the fire with my dog and me, enjoying a Kentucky bourbon and some good music.”