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Carly Pearce’s new release “What He Didn’t Do” From 29: Written In Stone

“Treat me right, put me first. Be a man of his words, stay home because he wanted to. Always fight for me love, hold on tight like it’s something that he couldn’t stand to lose. The devil’s in the details, I won’t tell the hell that he put me through. All I know is in the end it wasn’t what he did. No, it was what he didn’t do,” Pearce sings in the new song. Her album 29: Written In Stone is her first full-length album without producer busbee, who died of brain cancer in 2019, and since her public divorce to fellow country singer Michael Ray.

Leah Marie Mason’s new single and video for “Hannah”

The song tells the story of a young woman, starting at the age of 26, who goes through the trials and tribulations of figuring out her own love story, with lyrics telling the sad truth that Hannah thinks may become her fate, “Hannah grew immune to all the victims that would pass through her duvet / Resorting to the classic “boys are stupid” the excuses justified mistakes she knew just how to make / Hannah made her mind up years ago she wouldn’t mind a life alone / Complications of misfortunate accounts of almost finding love for comfort we’re a bit too close.” 

Jordana Bryant’s cover of “Fast Car”

For Jordana, the decision to cover such an iconic tune was an easy one. “I’ve always loved “Fast Car” because I feel like there’s no other song like it and it’s super different. I also feel like as a singer-songwriter, I really want to honor the artists who have come before me and inspired me to become a musician,” she says. “So, with my take on “Fast Car,” I hope to add my own style to the track while still honoring what Tracy Chapman did with it.”

Lauren Davidson’s new single “A Little Love”

“This song ‘A Little Love’ is the most personal and vulnerable song I have ever written,” Davidson shares. “It started from an actual page out of my diary and my cowriter Clint Wells helped me bring the page to life in the most magical way.” She sings, “Sometimes it’s like you were never even here at all. I try to hold tight, forget that you’re gone, slipped right between my arms. Sometimes a little love can break your heart.” 

Amy Jack’s new single “Worked All Week For This”

Time to celebrate the weekend with Amy Jack’s new single! And what better time than the start of football season? With lyrics like, “I don’t know why every day I’m runnin round in circles. But on Saturday that’s my one day. And you know I earned the right. Watching my teams on the tv, let the players work tonight,” she sets the scene to kickback, relax, and watch some fall football.

Jenna Paulette’s new video for “Pretty Ugly”

Talking about the video, Jenna says, “The “Pretty Ugly” video is about opposites. I wanted to play on the juxtaposition between pretty and ugly at its extremes and what they look like right next to each other. One minute it’s all good, sunny skies, smiles, and happiness, the next it all falls apart and you’re dealing with disappointment and a level of depression trying to find an outlet for relief. I wanted to push the Ugly side for dramatic effect because we have all suffered from different levels of those emotions.”