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Alexandra Kay. Photo by Curt Simshauser.……

Alyssa Scott’s new album “Ten Years”

Alyssa hopes “Ten Years” creates a sense of hope, enlightenment, and joy. With everything being so produced because of new technology, it creates a magical experience when a band can sit and play together in a room. “I hope people listening can sit back, relax, sip on hot cocoa and enjoy the stories in these songs. I hope they capture more of who I am as a person and hope they can find connection through they song(s) they are drawn to,” she shares. 

Zoe Zobrist’s new single “Oh Baby”

Zoe Zobrist wrote “Oh Baby” as a letter of hopes and dreams for her future child. While it’s a song that definitely pulls on the heartstrings of parents and parents-to-be, Zoe also hopes the song can be close to the heart of those who, “have children on earth or waiting on the other side, are expecting or hope to someday, or feel love for the people who brought you this life.”

Victoria Bailey’s new single “Queen of the Rodeo”

“A few years back, I was completely starstruck — frozen — running into a rodeo queen at an airport security check-in. She stood there with her white sash and sparkly cowgirl hat, and I knew I wanted to write a song about her someday and give a nod to all the strong, horse-riding women throughout history. This fun, country-western tune is filled with fiddle and pedal steel and ties in a bit of my California-country roots. I am also really honored to have the California Queen herself, Morgan Laughlin, starring in the music video for this song. We filmed it at a junior rodeo ranch in Northern California, and it was so special for me to be able to bring the song to life surrounded by such strong cowgirls!” 

Alexandra Kay’s new single “Tall Boys”

“’Tall Boys’ is the crowd pleaser I have always wanted to write. After teasing it on TikTok a few times and watching the amount of views it was getting, I knew I had to put it out. The coolest thing is seeing fans singing the words back to me every night on tour without the song even being released yet! It makes me even more excited to finally have ‘Tall Boys’ out in the world for people to crack a beer open to and toast to a long day,” says Alexandra Kay.

Sofia Claire’s new single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Today”

“I am beyond excited to share my first single, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Today.” So much work has been put into this song, and I can’t wait to hear what listeners think,” shares Sofia Claire. “For me, releasing this song is just the beginning. I have worked for this moment for the past 11 years and I can’t wait to put it out there.” It’s about the tiring days when putting on a face for an audience, or for anyone, seems unbearably exhausting. 

Teea Goans’ new album “All Over The Map”

“I feel like I’m in a new place now,” Teea insists. “I’m seeing things in a different way, with a new curiosity and insight. I finally feel like I have something to say.” Teea notes that this new phase of her career evolved naturally, beginning with time spent reassessing her life and music in the midst of the lull in activity and sense of isolation that she, like many so others, experienced in the midst of the Covid pandemic. The down time allowed her opportunity to carefully consider her next steps.

Ava Rowland’s new single “If I Ever Fall In Love”

“Every girl has a dream of what her love story will look like,” shares Ava. “She dreams of a man who will sweep her off her feet. His gestures of love will be gentle and sweet. She will be the one thing that brings him joy and complete happiness and he will be the same for her. That’s what the song ‘If I Ever Fall In Love’ is about.” The dreamy tune describes the kind of love we have all hoped for, the kind that gives you butterflies and makes you envision forever with that perfectly imperfect person. 

Amanda Cooksey’s new single “Wish You Were Here”

“‘Wish You Were Here’ was one of my favorite songs to write and record. I came up with a tongue in cheek twist on the phrase “wish you were here” that I hope people can relate with if they are going through a breakup. My co-writers really helped me encapsulate the feeling of this particular stage of the heartbreak I went through two years ago. It has a similar beachy feel as my previous single “In Denial” and I am excited to share the complete journey of healing these songs have brought me through,” says Amanda.

Callie Twisselman’s new single “Together”

Courtesy of Shelby Caitlin Photography.

Callie Twisselman’s new single “Together” is featured on Netflix’s new “My Little Pony” movie! The upbeat tune will make you want to get up and dance, no matter what age. Not only is it catchy, it has a great message that you can share with your friends. “You know the truth is, we’re not so different after all. I need a friend too, I’ll be here to catch you when you fall. ‘Cause we’re better together.”