Planning a trip is always exciting but the packing can be stressful, especially when you’re an unorganized mess and have lots of essentials to bring.

No more added stress when packing for your upcoming trip with these Amazon travel essentials! Who doesn’t love a put together girlie?

Sunglass Travel Case for Multiple Sunglasses $24.99

Never lose a single pair of sunnies again with this travel case that doesn’t take up too much room in any compartment.

8 Set Packing Cubes $24.99

Having multiple cubes for your clothing allows you to keep your items in one space, separating different articles out and not feeling like you have to dig through your bag to find what you need.

Travel Make Up Mirror $22.99

The perfect on the go mirror, especially for those early morning or red eye flights!

Electronic Organizer $16.99

Declutter your carry on with all of your must have travel electronics all in one place for quick and easy access.

Mini Travel Perfume Container $5.99

Take your favorite perfume with you by avoiding the TSA agents snagging it from your toiletry bag or taking up more space!

Carry On Travel Backpack $39.99

The multilayered backpack that fits your personal aesthetic, electronic space and different compartments making your travel day much easier.

Wrangler 3 Piece Luggage Set $159.02

The most epic luggage set, Wrangler offers different luggage sizes, cup compartment and adds ease walking through the airport.

Western Travel Jewelry Case $15.99

Always have your favorite turquoise and sterling silver pieces with you by organizing them in this travel case and never stress about untangling your jewelry.