Cowgirl - CBGEMS turquoise ringAs I scroll through the stream of talented silversmiths I follow, I fight the temptation to blow through my paycheck on a daily basis. I thought I had seen it all until I ran across these amazing naja rings. Handmade by lady silversmith, Christina Beck, of CB Gems. Whoa momma! These rings are the definition of, “statement ring.” The statement being, “I’m a badass. No big deal.”

She chooses an arrangement of stones that compliment each other beautifully (as shown in the last photo) and makes these naja rings in various sizes. So if your not ready to rock a ring as big as your palm, then you can start out with a baby naja. No big! The hardest part is choosing which arrangement you love most and grabbing it up before someone else does, because they go quick. And rightly so. You won’t find this design anywhere else. Which is a tricky situation for a maker. Way to go Christina – I saaaaalute you and grant you a makers two thumbs up, five stars and all that fancy jazz!  😉

Shop CB Gems on Etsy at and follow her on Instagram @cbgems