Mustang Maddy is a horsewoman from Telluride, CO, that specializes in training not only wild horses, but also zebras! Yes, you heard that right. How incredible is that?

Maddy doesn’t take caring for zebras lightly and states, “I do not support the notion of keeping zebras as pets; zebras are wild animals! Unlike the mustangs who do go back to domestic breeding, zebras do NOT! They have never been able to be domesticated, nor has any African mammal. The zebra has evolved for millions of years to survive in the harshest conditions on Earth; their survival instincts are incredibly strong, no matter how much training they undergo. In fact, it has even been claimed that zebras account for more injuries towards zookeepers than any other animal. There are few people who have the experience, time, and facilities to handle such an equine.”

Maddy’s goal is to teach audiences to have a deep appreciation and respect for this extraordinary animal, which she succeeds at as you’ll see below.

Two of Maddy’s zebras taking some time off.

Mustang Maddy is a pro at captivating the crowd!

How great is this picture?

Mustang Maddy loves the mustangs and zebras she works with…and it shows.

This little guy joined Mustang Maddy’s entourage in 2016.

Mustang Maddy…you never fail to amaze.

To learn more about this incredible trainer, visit her website here.