Cowgirls… if you don’t yet know about Mustang Maddy, it’s time to get educated! Taken from Maddy’s official Facebook page, “Madison Shambaugh, AKA “Mustang Maddy” is a horsewoman from Telluride, CO that specializes in gentling and training wild horses (mustangs) and exotic equines (including zebras). Madison currently travels throughout the United States, raising awareness for the plight of the mustangs (hence her nickname, “Mustang Maddy”) & educating the public on equine behavior.”

The above statement is just a summary of Mustang Maddy; it does not discuss how truly talented she is when it comes to understanding horses. Maddy can take a Mustang that is labeled “unpredictable” to many, and have a show worthy horse in a matter of months.

What sets Maddy apart, and what allows her to communicate so effectively with Mustangs, is that she doesn’t engage in common training methods. She understands that these horses do not respond well to certain techniques, which is why she has worked hard to find a method that these horses will positively respond to.

Some of Maddy’s current accolades include 2015 Colt Starting Challenge USA Champion, 2015 Extreme Mustang Makeover Young Guns Champion, Rookie Champion, Fan Favorite, & Freestyle Champion, and 2016 Extreme Mustang Makeover Freestyle Champion.

Check out the Mustang and “Cinderella” video below, that features Maddy and one of the Mustangs she’s trained, Amira. This cowgirl is incredible!

If you’d like to learn more about Mustang Maddy and what she does, click here.