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Photos courtesy of @mytexashouse……

“New My Texas House Rug Designs!! And I need your help! Pleas vote on which of these rugs is your favorite…or you can pick your top 3?!! We will be launching at least 3 of these rugs on in March/April! Don’t necessary look at the rug color as we will have multiple color options for each rug…rather pick your faves based on the actual design. 

“Rugs number 2, 5 and 6 are the plush style rugs and the rest are the bouclé (high/low) rug style! The last one is just a mock up of a rug that didn’t make it to market yet, but I just got a sample at my house so I’ll show you when I get home (we flew to Bentonville, AR today to meet with Walmart)! It’s really pretty in person!😍

“And yes, this was yesterday at the Orian Rugs showroom at Vegas Market and that’s why I’m in the same outfit as my previous post. 😄 In my stories today I’m sharing a closer look at all the rugs as well as asking you guys to vote on which new background color you want for this next round of high/low rugs: pink, blue, or green!” -Erin, @mytexashouse

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