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Myriad Of Mohair


Myriad Of Mohair Who says the natural fiber that is sheared from Angora goats has to be drab and colorless? Not Trish Terry!

Mohair Horse Tack Cowgirl Magazine

Trish Terry is a west Colorado equine tack artist who makes high quality mohair tack using 100 percent angora mohair cord and Jeremiah Watt hardware. 

Mohair Horse Tack Cowgirl Magazine

Her  unique breast collars, cinches, reins, and halters are made from her own hand-cut and dyed top-grain leather tugs and straps.  

Mohair Horse Tack Cowgirl Magazine

It’s no wonder her business has quickly expanded with happy customers who love the subtleties of the natural fabric and her creative designs.  Trish’s company, 100% Mohair Horse Tack, can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Mohair Horse Tack Cowgirl Magazine

Halters start at $95, breast collars start at $250, wither straps $85, 17 strand cinches and girths start at $220, reins are $95, and rear flank cinches are $140.

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