Cowgirl - Purple
Cowgirl - Purple
Purple horse tack? Yes please!

There’s something elegant and magical about purple tack. Cowgirls can enjoy the beauty of breast collars, headstalls, saddle pads, halters, and leg protection in this brilliant color. In the barn and on the show grounds, your horse will be an attention grabber. Take a look at this collection if you need some mystic inspiration!

The above breast collar and headstall, Purple Mystic with Fringe, is made from high quality leather. The deep color is combined with silver and black gemstones and studs. What a gorgeous set!

This Mystic Saddle Pad will look great under your saddle. Made from 100% needle punched wool, the pad is available in 3/4 or 1 inch thickness.

Don’t forget the matching Purple Mystic Halter. The shimmering color will make this your favorite. It’s made from a heavy duty nylon material with stainless steel hardware.

Davis Bell Boots complete this look! The glitter color is all you need to stand out in the arena. Protect your horse while you ride in style.

This unique collection of tack is just the right selection for those seeking a mystical riding adventure!