Photo by: Katherine Mustafa Photography……

It can be hard to explain the sport of horseback riding to non-equestrians. So many myths have been created. Forget the stereotypes and proceed with an open mind!

Don’t believe these MYTHS!

  1. Horseback riding isn’t exercise.

Any real rider knows this is a myth! In fact, you can burn quite a bit of calories from riding your horse. Whether you enjoy trail riding or barrel racing, expect to tone muscles, improve your balance and develop endurance.

2. Only rich people ride horses.

It’s true that lessons can cost quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean they have to. A lot of people who ride have an average income. They may clean stalls or feed at their barn in exchange for rides.

3. Riding is only for young people.

This is definitely a myth! There are so many older folks that enjoy time in the saddle. Don’t ever let your age stop you from trying this sport.

4. The horses don’t enjoy it.

Some may think that horses are forced into being ridden. They say they’re miserable and treated badly. This isn’t the case for the majority of horses though! Most riders love their horses deeply. And many horses look forward to their rides.

5. It’s just a phase.

While that many be true for some, don’t expect that of all. Many little kids start and never look back. They’re hooked for life!

Don’t let those myths stop you from enjoying one of the greatest sports out there! I may be a bit bias though…