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Natalie McFarland. Photo by Daniel Jeremiah.……

How It Started

“I grew up on a small ranch, riding horses and competing in a variety of disciplines.  Growing up, I was very active in 4-H and it was there that I was first truly introduced to photography.  My love for the Western way of life, promoting rodeos, and photography were combined after high school when I began shooting professionally.  I knew that if I pursued my dreams of owning a business that served those in the agriculture industry, I would be fulfilling my life’s calling. So, McFarland Productions was born!”

How She Works

“The great thing about McFarland Productions is that every day is a little different; where we are, who we are working with, what kind of story we are telling, what we are editing or building.  Getting to travel all over the U.S. (and soon internationally), telling stories, and working with the kinds of people we work with is so rewarding.”

Why She LOVES It

“I have a huge emotional tie to the cowboy lifestyle.  From handmade hats, gear, and boots, to cattle operations, the fashion industry, and horse shows and rodeos, I am obsessed with it all.  I love waking up to foggy horse breath in the morning.  I love the sound saddles make as you push cattle down from the mountain pastures each fall.  If I do nothing else in my life, I want to play a role in the preservation of the Western way of life.”