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Your bucket list should definitely include trail riding in some amazing locations. National parks give you a chance to explore various parts of the United States. Some of them really cater to equestrians too. Get out this summer and experience nature at its finest!

Top National Parks for Horse Riders

  1. Yellowstone

Everyone has to visit this iconic destination at least once in their lifetime. You’ll see breathtaking waterfalls and herds of bison. Yellowstone is located in Northwest Wyoming. Riders can bring their own horse or enjoy a guided tour of the park. Many outfitters even offer overnight backcountry trips.

2. Grand Canyon

Situated in northern Arizona, this famous destination is definitely worth visiting. Equestrians can ride along either side of the canyon rims, but need special permission to ride inside. There are a few campgrounds that accommodate horses.

3. Lassen Volcanic

Wow! This neat location has boiling pools, volcanic gas vents, and geysers. There are over 100 miles of trails for horseback riders. Riders can also find camping facilities. It’s located in Northeast California.

4. Great Smoky Mountains

From Eastern Tennessee to Western North Carolina, this national park features waterfalls, mountain peaks, and breathtaking foliage. There are overnight horse facilities and over 550 miles to ride through.

5. Acadia

Located in Maine, this park is very diverse. It contains shoreline, mountain vistas, forests, and lakes. This destination is horse-friendly and has overnight camping and plenty of trails.

Is the wilderness calling your name? It’s time to saddle up and go on a fun adventure.