Natural, organic living is everywhere in our modern society. It’s no mystery the concept has filtered into the horse world. Your domesticated horse may have trouble living like their wild ancestors, but there are some natural alternatives you can incorporate to make them happier and healthier.

Follow These Steps to Natural Horse Care

  1. Turn out your horse as much as possible! This allows them to roam and move throughout the day.
  2. Give them a buddy. Horses crave a social environment and need companionship.
  3. Provide access to forage 24/7. Their stomach need small, frequent meals in order to thrive. Furthermore, feed them at ground level.
  4. Consider leaving your horse barefoot. Enlist the help of a barefoot trimmer who specialists in this department.
  5. Allow your horse to grow a winter coat. Clipping your horse and blanketing them takes away their natural ability to warm themselves.
  6. Don’t clip whiskers or ear hair. They are designed to protect your horse.
  7. Do a fecal egg count and deworm accordingly, rather than practicing rotational deworming.
  8. Use natural herbs and essential oils when able to. Steroids and other medications can cause internal damage over time.
  9. Stay away from chemicals around the barn. Use natural cleaning products and safer fly sprays.
  10. Avoid harsh training gadgets. Instead, develop a solid partnership built on respect and trust.

With a few simple changes, your horse and barn will be on the right path!