These trainers have made their marks in the equestrian industry. They are talented horsemen and women who strive hard to educate the public. One thing is for sure, they do a great job at capturing the attention of audiences.

  • Pat Parelli: Him and his wife, Linda, host clinics and certification programs across the United States. He has a series of videos, books, and equipment available. Parelli also offers demonstrations on colt starting and gentling mustangs.
  • Clinton Anderson: This horsemanship trainer is famous for his members’ group the No Worries Club. He provides a home study program and clinics throughout the states. Other trainers can also get certified in his methods.
  • John & Josh Lyons: A father and son duo, the Lyons offer a three level certification program for amateur trainers. They are well-known for their clinics and video series.
  • Monty Roberts: Roberts focuses on the body language of horses, which he learned by observing wild mustangs as a boy. He has a farm program for aspiring trainers and offers a wide selection of books and videos.
  • Stacy Westfall: A talented rider and trainer, she wooed the crowed by riding without a bridle or saddle. She has a video series that is similar to trick training.
  • Craig Cameron: He comes from a background of ranch riding. Cameron has studied natural horsemanship from some of the most famous in the industry. He has a line of equipment that includes saddles.
  • Buck Brannaman: He is famous for his idea of helping horses with people problems. His life story was featured in the Sundance film, Buck.
  • Chris Cox: Cox has a progressive video series. He likes to use a square pen instead of a round pen. Attention to the horse’s body language is stressed in his series.
  • Ray Hunt: Possibly one of the very first well recognized natural horsemanship trainers, Hunt gave clinics around the United States.

There are so many other trainers that desire recognition for being so influential, but this list sums up some of the greatest.