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Left photo courtesy of Turquoise Desires. Right photo courtesy of Turquoise and Co.……

Navajo Pearls are traditionally made sterling silver beads. They can be worn as a single strand necklace, layered, with a pendant, as earrings, or as a bracelet. Navajo Pearls are also used in Squash Blossom necklaces. They are also the perfect complement to any turquoise jewelry pieces! Name a more iconic duo than silver and turquoise… I’ll wait.

Did I mention they come in any size and length you can imagine? The possibilities are literally endless!

Navajo Pearls should be a staple in everyone’s collection! They give any outfit some Western flair!

The combination of the larger and smaller pearls makes this necklace POP!

Did I mention how perfect they match with turquoise?

Well, it doesn’t just match with turquoise. They look great with literally any stone!

Loving this layered look! Make as big of a statement as you want!

These beads can also come with intricate hand-stamped designs.

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