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You wouldn’t let just anyone hop on your horse… so it’s probably safe to say you wouldn’t want to leave the care of your beloved four-legged friends in the hands of a random stranger you found on the local feed shop bulletin, right? Enter, Horse Nannies International. Imagine hand selecting the perfect caretaker for your horse. Horse Nannies does just that. It connects horse owners in need of a caretaker to the people who are best qualified to care for horses. You can check things like experience, knowledge and location to give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Often times horse owners look to temporary boarding options for when they are away. With Horse Nannies your horse gets to stay in his home environment. Feel more comfortable boarding anyways? Horse Nannies also offers a service called “Stable Away” that puts you in touch with short-term boarding facilities in your area. This is also a great option for finding overnight boarding when transporting your horse long distances. Just like a Horse BnB!

Among some of the other services you can find through Horse Nannies International:

• Urgent Care Horse Sitter: for those times that you have an emergency and can’t get to the barn to care for your horse

• Paddock Pooper: Someone local that will scoop the poop and clean your paddocks and stalls.

• Transportation: Get in touch with people who have room or need rides for their equine.

Go to to check it out for yourself. You might actually get to relax on your next vacation. Wouldn’t that be nice?