Lordy, do we love our kimonos. They transition through the different seasons and still look amazing and relevant. However, our guilty pleasure is typically a loud, brightly patterned kimono that doesn’t necessarily match anything we own. Sure that’s totally fine for the ladies that mix patterns flawlessly, but we don’t all have such talents! We aren’t saying you shouldn’t buy those wild lookin’ kimonos (let your freak flag fly), but consider adding a neutral colored kimono to your wardrobe! It will seriously be your go-to for any occasion and requires minimal thinking when putting your outfit together.

Pictured above: Victorian Kimono

Luxury Desert Etched Kimono


Embroidered Shrug


Boteh Kimono


Vintage Embroidered Kimono Jacket


Lace Trimmed Kimono Jacket


Lace Fringed Kimono