Photos courtesy @rock_hard_abbs on Instagram. ……

Turquoise draped her back. A squash blossom hugged her leg. A sign the days of wearing necklaces normally are over. 

Abby Arnold could be charged with starting this trend. 

She attached a turquoise necklace to the back of her wedding dress. 

Others quickly followed!

Cowgirl Illustration even drew the trend!

Then, Abby attached a red squash blossom to her dress for the Women of the West Gala. It was her grandmother’s. She wanted to wear a family heirloom for the special day, where she was awarded Lifestyle Influencer of the Year!

We want our money where we can see it, worn however we want with every outfit! 

Cowgirls aren’t known for following the rules. It’s time to try something new with that necklace of yours!