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Who's ready for 2021?……

While the rest of the world is worried about exercising and diets, horse owners have their own resolutions in mind. You may be focused on your riding skills, various barn projects, or fitness level. It’s important your goals are obtainable. If you need some ideas, give these a try!

5 Resolutions for Horse Owners

  1. Ride more!

Most riders wish they rode their horse more. Your time in the saddle is extremely beneficial, so don’t put it on the back burner.

2. Try a new discipline.

Have you ever wanted to try mounted archery or pole bending? Why not give it a try this new year! There are so many exciting and unique types of riding.

3. Increase your fitness level.

Both riding and barn chores require a high level of fitness. If you want to breeze through your barn duties and still have enough energy for riding, you’ll need to work on your fitness.

4. Get organized.

It can be very helpful to have all of your horse records in an organized system. Whether you prefer a binder or digital app, it can be handy no matter how many horses you have.

5. Start a savings fund.

You can save a little each month until you reach your goal. That new horse, saddle, or trailer will be yours before you know it!

Resolutions are a great way to get this new year started!