Cowgirl - Resolutions

It’s that time again when one year ends and the new begins. Maybe you’ve already thought of some New Year’s resolutions, but do they include your horse? Now’s your opportunity to set some goals for you and your horse to accomplish in the new year. Challenge yourself and stay on track with these top ten resolutions!

1) Spend more time riding this year. If you ride twice a week, try for three or four times. Be realistic and only plan for an extra day or two, especially if your schedule is already packed.

2) Take a lesson or attend a clinic. Make it your goal to get an experienced set of eyes on you at least once a month.

3) Try a new discipline that you’ve always thought looked interesting.

4) Attend a show with your horse. If you already show, step it up by attending one with steeper competition.

5) Make it a habit to clean your tack at least once a week, depending on how much you ride.

6) Start a savings fund and diligently add to it each month for your dream saddle, horse trailer, horse, etc…

7) Spend more quality time with your horse outside of riding. This could be as simple as extra grooming, hand grazing, or massage techniques you’ve learned.

8) Get fit! Set a plan to get in top riding shape. Include your horse so he can be equally fit.

9) Invite friends and significant others to your barn trips. Try to show non-horse folks how exciting and fun barn life can be. You can even help them learn to ride.

10) Create a spreadsheet for your horse’s health. It should include when the farrier and vet last came, his deworming schedule, what he is eating, and what he is due for in the future. Stay organized this year.

New Year’s resolutions can encourage you to be a better equestrian. If you keep up with the goals that you set, you might just surprise yourself with all that you accomplish!