nicole zuekle cowgirl magazine
Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

The COWGIRL team headed out to a sprawling roper’s ranch in Prescott, Arizona, to shoot our cover with good friend, model, and cowgirl, Nicole Zuelke, who introduced us to the beautiful black-and-white, Howie Longhorn.  As anyone familiar with the beloved bovines knows, the normally docile descendents of America’s historic herds, when raised as pets are quite friendly, and will allow you to get close.  Close is what we got to Howie to illustrate the historic account of these treasured animals as depicted by Susan L. Ebert on page 42.  Howie himself has an interesting tale as told by his owner, Patty Ambrose, who also allowed the use of her and her husband’s ranch for our cover and fashion feature shoots.

Howie Longhorn

For as long as she can remember, Patty Ambrose wanted a longhorn. She was infatuated with them as a child. As she got older, her interests grew to include football and she fell in love with former Raiders defensive end Howie Long. It was then that she decided someday, she would have a black and white longhorn that she would name Howie Longhorn.

Years later, her husband and sister got together and bought her a longhorn for her birthday from Bar U Bar Ranch in Skull Valley, Arizona. “I can walk out anywhere in the yard, and call his name and he comes running to me,” she said.  “It sounds like thunder when he comes running, but he is a gentle giant and he is everything I ever hoped for.”