By Karen Witemeyer (Bethany House)

In 1894,  the women at Harper’s Station in Baylor, Texas were in serious danger. Someone wanted them to get out of town, and if they didn’t leave, they’d be killed, or worse. Author Karen Witemeyer’s book No Other Will Do begins with this gripping scenario. Emma Chandler, the spirited young woman who helped establish her community would not be intimidated. Harper’s Station was comprised solely of women and children who had either been abandoned or had fled from an abusive situation. Everyone worked a trade, everyone contributed, everyone prayed. Their faith had seen them through many difficult times, and Emma believed the Lord would see them through again. Railroad demolition expert, Malachi Shaw, was Harper’s Station’s answer to prayer. He knew Emma when they were children, and when she asked him to help he couldn’t refuse. With his help, the women of Harper’s Station would band together to save their honor and their town. Malachi and Emma resist becoming emotionally involved, but true love wins out. No Other Will Do is a treasure. The characters are strong and heroic. The romance between Malachi and Emma is infectious and their desire to do the right thing is genuine. Through this story in Harper’s Station, readers will not only be entertained, but they will also gain admiration for the hearty pioneer women who sacrificed all to come west.