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Another track from Diplo’s album-gone-Western, Snake Oil, is his collaboration with Noah Cyrus, “On Mine.” The music video was released on Thursday, and was designed to emulate Western culture.

The video opens with a running horse in Noah’s eye, and transitions to the singer clinging to the fence outside a pen, clad head-t0-toe in white and topped off with a white straw.

In the following shots, it’s made clear that Noah and Diplo are on a horse farm—stables, pens, and tons of majestic creatures.

When the chorus hits, things get serious. Her white Western look is symbolically replaced with an all-red one, including a shade of deep red lipstick. For the second chorus, Noah dons an all-black look and double braids.

Noah and Diplo prance and dance around the farm, and Noah even gets on a horse for a trail ride!

Watch the full video here:

Noah may not be wearing exactly what cowgirls might wear for a day on the ranch, but you have to say that it’s kind of exciting that the Western industry is getting more notoriety; we’re pretty great, over here!

Diplo and Noah Cyrus’ “On Mine” is available for streaming wherever you get your music.