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Younger sister to Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus is also a famous singer and songwriter. Recently, she collaborated with Diplo on the song, “On Mine”. The music video was filmed on a horse ranch with western riding, cowgirl apparel and farm chores. It seems like a fitting scene for Noah, as she is passionate about horses!

In fact, Noah has been riding most of her life. She has mentioned in the past, “And so I did that and rode horses every single day up until ‘Make Me (Cry)’ came out. I didn’t want to do anything but ride horses until I was like 15.” Talk about a diehard!

At some point, she even wanted to ride in the Olympics and then become a horse trainer. And while her career may have went in a different direction, you can still see her riding and spending time with horses.

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It’s obvious her horse, Constantine, was very special to her. Losing an animal you love is hard no matter how famous you are. I’m glad Noah is able to keep riding though!