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Noah Cyrus has been nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy, and just released a very special and intimate handful of live performances, titled Noah Cyrus – Live From Freehand, LA. She performed five of her self-penned songs from her recent critically acclaimed ‘The End Of Everything’ EP, which serves as the perfect reminder as to why the 20-year-old Nashville-born artist was nominated as Best New Artist in the first place.

“I Got So High That I Saw Jesus”

“I hope this song resonates with people, especially with all that is going on in the world right now. Humans have evolved in so many beautiful ways, but we’ve also gotten so out of touch with the world, and each other. We’ve all lost sight of so many of the simplest things.  As PJ [Peter Harding], who I wrote the song with me put it: it’s about extensional dread. What I love about the song is the multiple meanings it holds and how it will affect each and every listener differently.”


“This song just makes me bleed internally. My heart aches when I hear it. It’s about the point of no return once the trust and the bond in a relationship have been broken. Even if it was just once. When I think of this song, I think of a specific someone who really liked me and treated me really kindly, but I took them for granted and I think about it pretty often.”


“People were seeing me, but they weren’t listening. My whole life peoples’ words have taken such a huge toll on my mental health … But it’s bittersweet because when this song comes on for me now, it reminds me of how far I’ve come with that struggle and to encourage others to speak up. Of course there are some bad days, but I’ve learned to speak up.”


This song has been certified RIAA Double Platinum in North America, as well as amassing 750 million combined streams to date! The track has also reached TRIPLE Platinum in Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Of the song Noah has said, “I was thinking about a relationship I was in for a few years that ended on the Fourth of July. That’s kind of what had been on my mind the past couple of days and once we started the words just flowed. It’s probably the most revealing I’ve been with any of my songs. It’s a beautifully sad thing to see that so many people connect and relate to this song.”

“The End Of Everything”

“To sum it up: myself, my family, my friends, and time itself at the end of the day is meaningless and everything will die. It sounds depressing and it is depressing, but there’s some sort of comfort in the greater message, too. The message that what we have RIGHT NOW is what matters. Nothing else.”