Cowgirl - Wish

Cowgirl - Non-Horse

There’s quite a few things I’d like to explain to non-horse people. Their statements are sometimes silly and other times just plain rude. It’s important to remember the horse world is very unique and those on the outside don’t always understand it. You can be a good equestrian by maintaining your composure even when you hear things that make you want to LOL!

1) A pony is not a baby horse.

2) Horseback riding is not animal cruelty. It helps keep them fit mentally and physically.

3) Each horse is unique. Even if all the horses in the field are the same color, it’s not hard to spot your own horse.

4) Horses don’t stink. The smell is like perfume to equestrians!

5) Horseback riding is a real sport.

6) That’s called a fly mask, not a blinding device.

7) My horse isn’t cold even though he’s standing in the snow or rain. He has a run in or stall and still prefers to be outside.

8) The horse is trotting not running off with you.

9) No, I’m not a jockey or even ride racehorses.

10) Do you believe everything you see in the movies? Horse films are no different.

You probably wonder where non-horse people come up with these things. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?