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Cowgirl Hotlist

Have you ever dreamed of working with horses? Maybe your lack of riding experience has kept you from pursuing a career in the industry. There’s good news- many jobs don’t require riding at all! From office work to traveling in sales, there are opportunities abound. You can pursue your passion and make a decent salary doing it. Now’s your chance! Some of these careers are a little more hands-on than others. You may be working directly with horses or may never see one on the job. They each have unique requirements and expectations. Please note, this list is just a small portion of actual career titles. If none suit your interests, keep searching. There are dozens of different opportunities in the horse industry!

Top 15 Non-Riding Horse Careers

1. Equine-Assisted Therapies 2. Equine Insurance Agent 3. Equine Nutritionist 4. Veterinarian 5. Farrier 6. Horse Blogger/Writer 7. Horse Photographer 8. Saddle Fitter 9. Equine Massage Therapist 10. Breeding Manager 11. Bloodstock Agent 12. Show Groom 13. Equine Dentist 14. Barn Manager 15. Product Sales Representative Don’t put your dreams on hold. A career working with horses may be calling your name! If you’re looking to earn a good salary, then check out ‘Top 6 Highest Paying Equine Careers‘.