NRS (National Roper’s Supply) is expanding for the 5th time! David Isham’s VP of Marketing, Jason Brooks, said, “If folks from Bridgeport need to go to the Metroplex, they just head down 114 and never pass by us. Now that we have a location in Bridgeport, they can get a taste of what we do in Decatur and perhaps we can supply their needs in Bridgeport.”

Brooks continued, “One thing that might be surprising is we will have a large assortment of tack and ropes available,” Brooks said. “Additionally, there will be an offering of apparel and Twisted X Footwear. Unique brands such as Yeti and Game Guard are part of the mix as well. With all of these different products being merchandised in the retail space of the store, it will probably not look like you would expect a small-town feed store to look.”

This news follows the celebration of the NRS 30 year anniversary in February of 2019!